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Our story
We are here to end food waste
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Food waste problem
What are the problems we are trying to solve?
As foodies ourselves, we find it disheartening to see eateries throwing out perfectly edible and delicious food that isn't sold.
One example is a bakery owner who makes fresh pastries every day, but has to throw away unsold pastries to make room for the next batch. Another example is human error resulting in wrong orders.
Order the shiok bag now!
There are about 50,000 perfectly edible Nasi Lemak plates thrown out every day by Singapore's eateries! Together, we can change that.
Food logistics
Supply chains for food are time-critical
Before food reaches our plates, it goes through five stages: agricultural production, processing, storage, transportation, and retail. There is a production of greenhouse gases at every stage.
Due to this, all food produced generates greenhouse gases by the time it reaches our plates. In Singapore, 9 million kg of that food is not even sold, so we don't even eat it. It's just food that's thrown away by restaurants. What a waste of energy and resources!
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CO₂ and Food imports
The importation of food is a resource-intensive activity
As you may know, over 90% of the food available in Singapore is imported. This makes the unnecessary emissions not insignificant. In fact, we probably generate the most greenhouse gas emissions from sourcing our food compared to all countries. As a result of imports, Singapore emits the second highest amount of greenhouse gases.
Food that goes straight from a farm in Indonesia to a trash can in Singapore generates more emissions than any other country on earth. Doesn't this make our food even more precious?
What do we do?
Sustainable living is our vision without compromising lifestyles
We at Just Dabao believe in being part of the solution, so we came up with an initiative that empowers everyone to positively impact the environment.
By connecting last minute consumers and eateries, Just Dabao hopes to redistribute unsold surplus food. A restaurant sells surplus food at a 50 to 70% discount. Consumers discover new foods at low prices. Singapore breathes easier.
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Over400+green partners already working with us
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