Every day, eateries are forced to throw out their surplus food because they were unsold. What’s more disheartening (being foodies ourselves) is that this food is perfectly edible and delicious.

For example, a bakery owner who makes fresh pastries daily, has to throw away delicious unsold pastries to make room for the next batch. Another instance is, wrong orders due to human error.

Overall, eateries in Singapore throw out 9M Kgs of these delicious unsold food every year! On a per day basis, this is about 50,000 perfectly edible Nasi Lemak plates! Together, we can change that.

So what if its wasted


Before the food reaches our plate, it goes through 5 stages of supply chain: Agricultural Production, Processing, Storage, Transportation, and Retail F&B. And at every stage greenhouse gases are generated.

This means that all food produced generates greenhouse gases by the time it reaches our plates. Interestingly, in Singapore about 9M Kgs of that food does not even reach our plates every year. This is the unsold food from eateries that gets thrown away. It goes straight from farm to trash. What a total waste of resources and unnecessary emissions!

And these unnecessary emissions are not insignificant. In fact, we probably generate the highest emissions in sourcing our food compared to all countries. You see, over 90% of the food available in Singapore is imported. Imports mean transportation and transportation is the second highest contributor to the total greenhouse gas emissions in Singapore.

In essence, 1 kg of food that went straight from farm, say, in Indonesia, to a trash can in Singapore, generated more emissions than in any other country. Doesn’t this make our food even more precious?

Moreover, we do not have enough space to keep all the waste. At the current rate of waste disposal, it is estimated that within the next 15 years, our only landfill space, Semakau will be at maximum capacity. To put this in perspective, by the time our youth buy a house and settle, they will be facing a major crisis in disposing their trash and a possible odour nuisance.

To top it all, food thrown into a landfill messes with our climate. The gas it emits are 25 times more harmful in trapping heat in atmosphere than carbon dioxide. I buay tahan, so hot already!!

What can I do?

We at Just Dabao believe in being part of the solution. We came up with an initiative where everyone can do their bit to positively impact our environment while benefiting in the process.

Our vision is to remodel sustainability as people’s first choice without compromising on their lifestyle.

Just Dabao aims to redistribute the unsold surplus food by connecting last minute consumers and eateries. Eateries sell their surplus food at 50 to 70% discounts. Consumers discover new food at ultra low prices. And Singapore breathes easy. Everyone wins. To see how it works for you, click here. If you are a business owner, check our eateriespage.